This Is

World War III

We are dedicated to helping  Doctors, Nurses and all Hospital staff have sufficient PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our healthcare providers currently need protective gloves, vented goggles, hand sanitizer, gowns, ear-loop masks, authentic N-95 masks and face shields.

If your a healthcare worker or administrator of a hospital located in the US/Canada in need PPE items, please contact us.

Your donation big or small helps our healthcare workers in the battlefield. Donate Now. 

Dear World,


We formed the Ask The Doctor Foundation, a pending 501(c)(3) charitable organization on April 3rd, 2020 to help protect Doctors, Nurses and all Hospital staff in the United States and Canada with personal protective equipment (PPE) during their fight against COVID-19 (coronavirus).

In addition to PPE,  we are trying to support our healthcare workers and keep their morale up by sending them some amazing meals from some top restaurants.


Your generosity helps us in this war against COVID-19 and we thank you.


Please help spread this message on social media with hashtag #WeWillWin



T: 1-877-453-4262


Prakash P. Chand

Family member/Friend of many frontline Physicians

President & CEO ATD Health Network Inc. (Ask The Doctor)

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